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Let yourself be captivated by our natural fragrances

Cereria La garibaldina

Our essences are all of high quality, produced in Italy in compliance with European safety standards.

This not only to offer an excellent product to our customers but also because we want to work in absolute safety and respecting nature.  In addition to pure extracts, every year with the changing of the seasons we have fun studying new fragrances by mixing various essences that in harmony with each other give life to unique fragrances.


Pure essences:

Green tea from Japan, Hemp sativa, Salvia officinalis, Sorrento lemon, Indonesian cinnamon, Quince, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Mountain pine, Cetona olive oil, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Dark chocolate, Calendula, Vanilla and lemon, Jasmine, old roses  

Exclusive fragrances:


OLD SOUTH - quince, lemon, vanilla

The slightly citrusy top notes immediately leave room for a sweet, vanilla and fruity heart. A fragrance that transports us to the countries of the southern hemisphere where the sun always shines.


FRESH MORNING - green tea, peppermint

The aromatic, fresh and balsamic notes of this fragrance awaken the senses and offer a real charge of energy to face the day with serenity, enthusiasm and joy.


PORTRAIT OF A LADY - marigold, jasmine, old roses

The scent of the garden of an old, beautiful house in the English countryside is all contained in this heady and intense fragrance with green and floral notes. The atmosphere of Hanry James, the essence of Spring!

CETONESE HILLS - olive oil, sage, aromatic herbs

A tribute to Cetona, the small Tuscan village where I was born and returned, and to the splendid nature that surrounds it. Strongly aromatic top notes softened by a green, herbaceous and delicate heart.


IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE - orange, cinnamon, cloves, star anise

It is the irreplaceable essence of the long winters in front of the lit fireplace and above all of the Christmas holidays. The sweet and citrusy scent of orange first and then the spicy and aniseed base notes.


TIME OF SAMOVAR - black tea, lemon, mint

A fresh, delicate and citrusy fragrance with a slightly balsamic base that takes us to Anna Karenina's living room as if we were aboard a Trans-Siberian traveling back in time.


THE PEARL OF LABUAN - patchouli, ambergris, sandalwood

Fresh and floral heart notes are lost in an exotic amber and woody trail. The beautiful Lady Marianna, so loved by Sandokan, must have had this perfume.  


DECEMBER 8 - vanilla, ginger, citrus, star anise

This fragrance with fruity and citrus top notes that combine with an aniseed, fresh and spicy base is dedicated to Rome and in particular to San Lorenzo. On the day of the Immaculate Conception, the neighborhood turns into a huge fair. From dawn until late at night, the streets are invaded by the stalls of street vendors including those of dried or caramelized fruit, licorice and delicacies of all kinds. A real riot of flavors and aromas that put you back in the world!


OR LIFE IN THE WOODS - mountain pine, white musk, juniper berries

Who knows what scents Thoreau was surrounded by on the shores of Lake Walden ... Inspired by his story, we created this aromatic, fresh and woody fragrance with musky and balsamic base notes


BREAKFAST AT THE GRANDPARENTS - chocolate, quince, coffee beans

The green and fruity top notes leave room for a persistent, greedy and aromatic base. When, as soon as I woke up, I went down to my grandparents, their kitchen smelled like this and the day began with sweetness.



It is the essence of freedom and carefree. The green, herbaceous, aromatic and persuasive notes of cannabis take us to the places of serenity, calm and abandonment, away from chaos and stress for authentic moments of peace and relaxation.


Cereria Artigiana La Garibaldina  

Shop / Laboratory: Piazza Garibaldi 7 - 53040 Cetona (Siena) Tuscany - Italy

tel: (0039) 0578/239076

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