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Our history

La Garibaldina is an artisan wax factory in the true sense of the term.
Our small shop / laboratory is located in Piazza Garibaldi, the main square of Cetona, a beautiful medieval village in the Tuscan hills, known and appreciated all over the world and chosen as a refuge by many foreigners who have bought a house here.

All stages of production of each candle are handcrafted. Design, dyeing, perfuming, pouring into molds, engraving, everything is done by hand, for this reason each piece is unique and unrepeatable and each object is in a limited edition.

We don't just make candles, with wax we create accessories, perfumers, decorations, furnishing accessories and customized objects or for special occasions.
Among our clients we have architects, hotels, spas, restaurants, furniture shops, wedding planners.


Why "La Garibaldina"?

Between the first and second Italian war of independence, Giuseppe Garibaldi was sent into exile and took refuge in New York where he was welcomed by his friend and patriot Antonio Meucci (inventor of the telephone) in his Staten Island home. There, in the back of the cottage, Meucci had opened a candle factory and between 1851 and 1853 Garibaldi collaborated with him and even became a partner.
In 1962 the restored house became the "Garibaldi-Meucci Museum". Declared a national monument of the United States, it is still open to the public today.
We like the idea that our brand is linked to the memory of an important piece of our history and to a legendary character such as the Hero of two worlds.

Raw material

We use only the highest quality materials and this not only to sell our customers an excellent product but also because we want to work in total safety. 100% pure soy wax, totally refined paraffins and vegetable stearins, wicks in pure cotton or bamboo wood, pigments also used in the food industry and fabulous essences produced in Italy and compliant with all rigorous European standards.  

Packaging is always plastic free, eco-sustainable and PEFC certified.


Cereria Artigiana La Garibaldina  

Shop / Laboratory: Piazza Garibaldi 7 - 53040 Cetona (Siena) Tuscany - Italy

tel: (0039) 0578/239076

Cereria La Garibaldina
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